I'm Beth Carter, an Employer Branding Professional.

I am an experienced employer brand professional with a demonstrated history of helping jobseekers find jobs and employers find employees.

About Me

I’m Beth, an experienced employer brand professional with a passion for shaping exceptional talent experiences.

Employer Brand With a Passion

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with companies of all sizes, helping them craft and realize their unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP). With a background steeped in both marketing and recruiting, I bring a holistic perspective to the art of building a compelling talent brand from the ground up.

My journey in the professional world has equipped me with a diverse skill set, which I now channel to support my clients in various ways. Whether it’s refining corporate communications, devising innovative recruitment marketing strategies, creating tailored and captivating content, or expertly managing social media platforms, I thrive on making a tangible difference in how organizations are perceived by both candidates and employees.

What fuels my enthusiasm in this field is the belief that a strong employer brand and EVP is the backbone of any thriving organization. It not only attracts top talent but also fosters an environment where employees can flourish. I’m committed to helping my clients enhance their reputation management and elevate their candidate and employee experience.

So, whether you’re a large corporation seeking to revamp your employer branding strategy or a small business aiming to establish your unique identity in the talent market, I’m here to collaborate with you on this journey. Let’s work together to build a talent brand that resonates, captivates, and inspires.

Services I Provide

Whether you’re a jobseeker or an employer, I’ve got you covered!

Jobseeker Services

Resumes, Cover Letters, Hourly Consulting, etc.

Employer Brand Services

Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, Reputation Management, Job Postings, EVP Development, Hourly Consulting, etc.

Work Experience

In case you’re curious…

Employer Branding w/ Shaker Recruitment Advertising

Crafted compelling Employer Brands for clients by developing a unique and authentic Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for them. This is done through Materials/Legacy Data Review, Focus Groups, Interviews, and Survey Analysis. By blending the quantitative and qualitative research to best leverage the strengths of the company, I presented the research findings in a way that was easy for my clients to digest and convert into actionable insights to support their employer brand development.

Employer Branding
Employer Branding w/ Proactive Talent

Worked with a variety of clients, all shapes and sizes, helping them to develop an employer brand promise and/or EVP.

Employer Branding

My Portfolio

Some work examples…

What My Clients Say

Don’t take my word for it…

There are some projects in our careers that truly stand out from the rest, as well as memorable business partners you work with along the way. If you’re fortunate, like me, sometimes you get that great project and great partner all at once. My experience working with Beth was outstanding. She took the time to get to know our industry and our business, she understood our challenges and goals, and delivered a great value and service. Through everyone’s collective efforts, creativity, and hard work, our Brand, EVP, and Recruitment rose to the next level just like we wanted. I highly recommend Beth and would love to work with her again if the opportunity ever arose.

David Vine

Employer brand is a weird space. I can’t think of many other industries in which the hands-on work so informs the abstract and theoretical work and vice versa. That is, you need to do it to understand it, and you need to understand it to do it well. Which might explain why there aren’t a lot of people who are good at it.

Enter: Beth. Over eight months, I have watched Beth’s hands-on content and research work turn into a deep understanding of how people approach their job search. Add to that her content market experience and Beth is an employer brand pro. She sees the position, establishes the narrative and communicates it to the world – Everything you’d want to help you hire better.

Over three client engagements, I saw firsthand Beth’s skill, diligence and dedication. I’d absolutely recommend hiring her, assuming I haven’t hired her first.

James Ellis

Beth was an amazing partner to me during her time at Nike. She had direct contact with my candidates and hiring managers and earned my complete trust given her professionalism, attention to detail and quality work. She was a great thought partner to me and made me a better professional. I would welcome an opportunity to work with her again!

Kevin Servino

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